Water Rates

Cost of H2O
Water Rates Effective
April 1, 2020*
Inside City Outside City
Residential Water $15/mo $17.27/mo
Commercial $20.39/mo for 5/8" and 3/4"
$24.46/mo for 1"
$32.61 for 1 1/2"
$40.77/mo for 2" and up
$23.45/mo for 5/8" and 3/4"
$28.15/mo for 1"
$37.53 for 1 1/2"
$46.91/mo for 2" and up
Industrial I
(35k CCF - 500k CCF)
Industrial II $1,498.22/mo

* Facilities and Commodity Charge applies to all water customers.
** Demand Charge applies.

Facilities Charge 

This charge covers fixed costs that Muscatine Power and Water incurs to service each customer, regardless of usage. These costs include service facilities, meter reading, bill distribution, and payment processing.

Commodity Charge 

The commodity charge is the cost of the water supply that you use - it represents actual consumption.

Demand Charge 

A demand charge applies to Industrial I & II customers. The demand charge will be applied to the highest of: current month demand, highest demand in preceding eleven months, or 75% of the highest monthly demand occurring during the preceding 5 year (60 months) window. All adjusted to 30.4 day equivalent.


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