Submit Your Meter Reading

Now you never need to be home for monthly meter reading visits or send in your meter reading card. Simply submit your electric and water meter readings here. Follow the three step instructions and submit. You will receive a confirmation that your reading has been received.

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NOTE: Please be sure to record the meter numbers (readings) that change, not the permanent ID tag on the meter.

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Step 1: Account Information

Step 2: Determine Your Meter Type

View detailed instructions for reading meters.

Step 3: Enter Your Meter Reading

Electric Meter Reading - If your meter has only 4 numbers, enter a 0 for dial 1.

Water Meter Reading - If your water meter consists of only 6 dials, enter 0 for dial 1. If your water meter consists of 5 dials, enter 0 for dial 1 and dial 2.