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Saving Energy Saves Money

We Can Teach You How to Lower Your Electric Bill

MP&W is committed to helping customers save energy dollars. What's good for your electric bill is also good for our Utility, our community, and for the environment.

MP&W is educating both children and adults about energy efficiency.

To encourage and assist our customers in using energy more wisely, we have residential, as well as commercial, energy efficiency programs in place to help identify and actually reduce electric energy consumption.

MP&W offers a free energy inspection and/or blower door test to determine air exchanges in homes. We pay a portion of spring central air conditioner tune-up inspection costs performed by technicians.

Energy-efficient appliance rebate programs for new appliances, air conditioners, compact fluorescent lighting, dishwashers, clothes washers, electric water heaters, and refrigerators.

Why We Offer Energy Efficiency Programs

Education leads to a better community. Reducing demand on scarce and natural resources protects our environment.

In the past decade, our residential rebate program participation has tripled. Many customers are doing their part. Every time steps are taken to save energy, it helps future generations.

Environmental and Energy Education

MP&W presentations educate both youth and adults about energy efficiency. If you're interested in a presentation, we'll try to accommodate your needs. For more information or to schedule a presentation call us at 263-2631.

Energy Services

For home and commercial energy inspections, rebates, and other energy efficiency topics.

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