South Fork Wind Farm

MP&W is Turning Wind into Watts.

The 13 Megawatt (MW) South Fork Wind Farm began commercial operation in mid-December 2016 and is now producing renewable energy for Muscatine Power and Water (MP&W). Following construction and testing, the six new wind turbine-generators were released for full operation. The energy produced is being placed on the electrical grid for consumption by homes and businesses in Muscatine. 

Although the South Fork Wind Farm is located just north of the border in Minnesota, is in MP&W’s Local Resource Zone within MISO* and the output of the six state-of-the-art General Electric wind turbines are dedicated to MP&W and capable of producing up to 13 MW of power depending on wind conditions. The projected annual output from the site is nearly 52,000,000 kWh and represents about 6.2% of MP&W’s native system usage.

A live “Construction-Cam” was put in place during the build to chronicle the construction. A viewer with complete time-lapse video of the construction is available. See the project's Construction-Cam below.  

Beside the benefits of diversifying MP&W’s generation resources, and advancing the Utility’s Core Value of Environmental Stewardship, wind energy allows us to proactively comply with current and future regulation of fossil fuels and reduce future compliance costs.  

South Fork Wind Farm is just one part of MP&W’s renewable vision. The Utility is currently gauging local interest in the development of a community solar garden which would further diversify energy production for Muscatine. Learn more about solar here.

Local consumer demand for a renewable energy option is growing. A customer survey indicated 44% of our customers would be willing to pay up to 5% higher rates for renewables, but MP&W expects the addition of wind energy to have a significantly smaller impact on customer rates (0.5% - 1.25%). 

*MISO provides open-access transmission service and monitors the high-voltage transmission system throughout the Midwest, and South, United States, and in Manitoba, Canada. It operates one of the world's largest real-time energy markets.

Looking back: Construction-Cam

Our wind farm construction project is complete!  Click the play button to view the time-lapse video of the build. 

Looking Back: Blade Signing

On Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, Muscatine officials took part in a traditional “blade signing” ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the Utility’s first foray into large-scale renewable energy production. Leaders from MP&W and the wind farm’s project development and investment companies were at the site in Jackson County, MN for the signing.

Visit our Facebook page to view the gallery of blade signing photos and read the full press release HERE.

Utility Loan Program

Interest-free financing is available exclusively to MP&W customers for eligible home and building improvement projects which improve energy efficiency, reliable distribution of services, and community beautification.

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