Community Solar Garden


A community “solar garden” makes a solar energy option possible and affordable. It’s good for the environment, good for the community, and good for business.

Interest in renewable energy has grown beyond just environmentally-conscious companies and individuals. In fact, Muscatine citizens and businesses have specifically inquired about alternative energy sources.

MP&W has been researching community solar options for Muscatine and has developed an initial concept!

We call it MP&W Solar Solutions.

Our team is currently gauging consumer interest in this concept to determine how to proceed. Along with our South Fork Wind Project, community solar will help provide MP&W a diversified mix of energy sources. By sharing the power of the sun, a community solar garden takes advantage of economies of scale over an individual, private system. And it’s easy… MP&W takes care of the installation, the interconnection with the electric grid, and all ongoing maintenance.

MP&W Solar Solutions allows both residential and commercial/industrial customers to participate in a renewable solar option without the expense of their own rooftop or on-site system, and without the maintenance or aesthetic concerns.

MP&W Solar Solutions Shares

When you buy MP&W Solar Solutions shares, you choose your investment level. You make one simple investment up front, and enjoy lower energy bills going forward. You can add shares at any time, when it's convenient for you.

Why Community Solar is the Answer

In exploring solar energy options, MP&W like many electric utilities, has found that a “community solar garden” — a large-scale photo-voltaic array – is the best way for customers and businesses to add a solar power option. There are many benefits of a community solar garden:

  1. Everybody can participate! It doesn't matter if you own or rent, if your property has good sun exposure or not. If you want to help support renewable energy in Muscatine, you can.
  2. It's simple! All you need to do is determine what participation level is right for you. No contractors, no installation hassles, no leaky roof.
  3. It's low cost! By constructing a solar garden at a community-wide scale, we can take advantage of significant economies of scale. Plus, since you can participate at any level, you aren't facing a $10,000 invoice like you would for a roof-top system.
  4. Community Pride. By working together to bring solar to Muscatine, residents can take pride in a community driven project.
  5. MP&W covers the ongoing maintenance. Once you're in, there are zero ongoing costs to support your share(s) of the community solar garden.
  6. You save going forward! You simply pay the share price as a one-time, upfront fee, and then sit back and watch the monthly credits roll in for the next 20 years!

Are You Excited about Solar? Get Started Now! 

We are currently gauging interest in the Solar Solutions concept. If you would be interested in participating, please let us know. Also remember that the larger the community garden, the lower the cost per share will be. So get out there and encourage your friends and neighbors to participate too!

To express your interest about our Solar Solutions, please fill out the online form or contact Muscatine Power and Water's Energy Services Advisor at (563)262-3423. Residential customers may also download the form and submit it to us via U.S. Postal Service at:

Muscatine Power and Water
c/o Energy Services Advisor
3205 Cedar Street
Muscatine, IA 52761

Utility Loan Program

Interest-free financing is available exclusively to MP&W customers for eligible home and building improvement projects which improve energy efficiency, reliable distribution of services, and community beautification.

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