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Choose Renewable Energy with WeOffset

With MP&W’s WeOffset program, you have the ability to choose renewable energy. When you participate in WeOffset, you increase the demand for renewable energy and ensure we bring new green energy into our energy pool. You can single-handedly make a difference in securing a greener future. The best part……it’s very low cost to participate and there are absolutely no upfront costs! For just 1 penny per kWh of usage, you can become a progressive, renewable energy leader and reduce the demand for non-renewable forms of energy.

How it Works

Every year, MP&W purchases renewable energy from the South Fork Wind Farm, with minimum guaranteed purchases matching WeOffset amounts for our entire customer base. For every 1,000 kWh of renewable energy produced by the South Fork Wind Farm, one Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is issued to MP&W. Each REC is serialized, independently recorded and tracked through the Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS). RECs are “retired” in M-RETS after they have been committed to somebody and can never be used again.

Each month, MP&W will retire an equivalent number of RECs based on the participation of our customers in the WeOffset program. Here’s the cool part… each year, you'll receive a certificate that indicates the number of RECs retired on your behalf. It’s our way to commemorate your support of a renewable future!

Hear How MP&W Customer, Betty Collins, Chose to Impact Future Generations by Participating in WeOffset

How to Get Started

WeOffset is easy! You can buy renewable energy now.  Simply complete the enrollment form. Pick the amount of your home’s usage you want covered by renewable energy purchases – your Offset amount. Your Offset can be as low as 25% or 50% of your usage, or you can fully commit 100% of your usage to be Offset by clean, renewable wind energy. Calculate the estimated cost of your Offset by using our simple online calculator (anchor linked). When you see just how cost effective it is, you’ll agree that it’s easy to go green!

After your enrollment, you’ll receive a welcome letter from MP&W, along with a window cling that you can stick on your home or car window to let everyone know that you’re a leader in helping provide renewable energy for Muscatine. After that, we’ll send you a certificate once a year recognizing your annual energy offsets.

WeOffset Residential Calculator

What level is best for you?

Enter your monthly kilowatt-hour usage.

(Found on your bill under "Electric Service", then under the heading "Readings Difference".)
In the Muscatine area, the average monthly household kWh usage is approximately 850 kWh.

Whole numbers only, no symbols or punctuation.

WeOffset Level
(monthly estimate)
WeOffset Level
(monthly estimate)
WeOffset Level
(monthly estimate)

Your actual monthly WeOffset contribution will be based on your actual monthly energy usage, which varies from month to month.

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    If you would like to sign up for the Residential Renewable Energy Certificate Program, WeOffset, click here to fill out our online form, or you may fill out a PDF form to send in, or contact customer service at 563-263-2631.

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