The Renewable Vision


Environmental Stewardship is a core value at MP&W.  Renewable energy plays a part of our long-term commitment to the Muscatine community.

Our dedication to the environment starts by pro-actively complying with environmental regulations — but it goes much deeper. Muscatine has a history of livability and is currently investing in amenities that make the community an even better place to live, work, and play.  Progressive projects like becoming a Gigiabit community and offering renewable energy options show that we are ready for the future.

Renewable energy projects have grown rapidly over the last decade due to a combination of lower costs and tax subsidies.  MP&W diligently evaluates renewable energy options for Muscatine that provide sustainability benefits, but without having a significant negative rate impact to our consumers.   We invite the Muscatine community to follow our first steps into new power frontiers that will help provide MP&W a diversified mix of energy sources.

South Fork Wind Farm | Community Solar Garden
Energy Smarts | Green Muscatine

Utility Loan Program

Interest-free financing is available exclusively to MP&W customers for eligible home and building improvement projects which improve energy efficiency, reliable distribution of services, and community beautification.

Additional Information

Carbon Calculators

Carbon calculators illustrate how personal choices in electricity consumption, transportation, travel, diet, waste reduction and recycling impact carbon emissions. Three carbon calculators to try: