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Is Your Power Out?

If your power is out, check to see if your neighbors are affected. If they are, please report the outage to us. Every report helps us determine the extent and location of the problem. Your report helps our crews get to the outage site quicker.

If your neighbors have power:

  • Check and reset your fuses and circuit breakers.
  • If that doesn't work and you live in an apartment or rental property, call your landlord first.  For any other residence, please call us at 563-263-2631, and press "0".

Current reported electric outages are shown in the map below.  (Map updates typically occur from 6am-midnight.)

  • View on your Mobile Device
  • Desktop Instructions: Enter your address in the field beside the map to see if an outage has been reported in your area.  Zoom in or out on the map for full outage coverage details.

If you are aware of an outage, you may "Report an Outage" by clicking below. 
If this is an emergency, please call 263-2631 and press "0".

Electric Outage Map  View on mobile