Muscatine Water Supply is Safe

posted on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 in Water

Staff at MP&W are responding to questions from concerned citizens regarding recent reporting from local news and radio media. Information for the news story, authored by activist group Environmental Integrity Project, paints a grim picture of water safety in Muscatine and other communities with power plants.

We’ve reviewed the report that is the basis of this news story. While we have not reviewed every data source in the report, we do know that the specific data published about Muscatine Power and Water’s CCR Landfill is not correct. The report claims are shown below.

Table of Incorrectly Reported Pollutants in Muscatine

MP&W’s 2018 Annual Groundwater Monitoring Report show no exceedances for either Barium or Thallium. Our data further shows that all elements are being contained on our property (as designed). We continue to conduct assessment monitoring for actual elevated readings and have not been subjected to any further remediation.

MP&W’s landfill was designed and built with an impermeable clay liner to keep elements from reaching groundwater (see image below). The landfill operates in full compliance under regulations of both the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). MP&W’s landfill is located in Muscatine County and is not close to the Island Aquifer, which is where we draw water for our customers.

While the reporting would scare you into thinking otherwise, you can be assured your water is safe. Additionally, the water supply of properties neighboring our Landfill is also safe. We test those wells as well and provide the data to the homeowners for their assurance.

MP&W CCR Landfill Diagram with Upgradient and Downgradient Well Testing Points

MP&W has been delivering water for over 100 years. We run thousands of tests on our water supply every year, the results of which are summarized in our annual Consumer Confidence Report. We understand the importance of having access to safe water and would not jeopardize any water supply. We take our responsibility to deliver a safe supply of water very seriously. Unlike the authors of this report who don’t know us and who accidentally or otherwise reported incorrect data about us, we live in Muscatine and we drink the same water you do. MP&W has been and always will be your reliable and conscientious neighbor.

All MP&W reports referenced in this Release are published and available on our website,


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