Fiber Construction Work is Ramping Up; Planned Maintenance for Early April

posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 in General

It’s Spring and fiber construction work is ramping up for MP&W and AEG to complete this project and get all of our customers converted to a Gigabit Community!

With the ramp up, major maintenance activities will be occurring throughout the year.  As you know fiber is a hair thin piece of flexible glass. To complete the transition to an all-fiber system, we have a LOT of fiber strands to disconnect and reconnect (we call this “splicing”). This will require maintenance windows which may impact you more than once this year — but these interruptions are a sign of PROGRESS!

Our next planned maintenance for fiber splicing will be from Midnight - 8 AM on Thursday, April 4th, 2019.  Internet, TV, and phone services will be interrupted at some point during the maintenance window.  We know no interruption is a good one, but our hope is with advance notice, you’ll have time to plan around it.

On the same night, we are also updating a DNS server.  If you have manually configured your network settings in your router, please see the alert at the top of for information on updating to our new DNS server settings.

This necessary work puts us all closer to delivering a 100% fiber network and  we are EXCITED!  If you experience any difficulties after 8 AM, please contact our HelpDesk at 563-263-2631, then press 2.


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