MachLink® Fiber FAQ

The FAQs below have been built to help customers understand the fiber project. We recommend starting at the top but you can also use the "Jump to..." box below to jump to a specific question.

Can you explain a little more about fiber?

"Fiber" refers to fiber-optic cable which is made from flexible glass. It's ideal for delivering the fastest, most reliable information and entertainment services to homes and businesses. We’re running new fiber throughout the Muscatine community – to both our residential and business-class customers. Lightning fast Internet, feature-rich Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and reliable telephone service is coming soon. Not a customer of ours? We’d like to get you connected too. Contact our HelpDesk at 263-2631 today!

So why do we need fiber in Muscatine?

Fiber is state-of-the-art! It is able to deliver superior download speeds plus the higher upload speeds customers want. Fiber is also resistant to wear and tear so it will last much longer with lower maintenance. Studies have also shown fiber availability makes communities more attractive to new businesses as well as families, and can actually lead to increased property values! 

You say fiber has superior speeds. How fast is fiber?

Lightspeed fast - literally! Fiber transfers data using light and is capable of "gigabit" speed (1000 Mbps). Gigabit is 100 times faster than our most common speed today.  You can review our download speed table to see how fast different files can be delivered. Are you on the right internet package for your needs? Contact our HelpDesk today at 263-2631!

Gigabit speed? Will that be standard for everyone?

Gigabit speed will be an option available to everyone on the new all fiber network. MP&W will continue to offer a variety of speed options designed to fit your individual need and budget.  Are you ready for all the advantages that fiber offers? Contact our HelpDesk at 263-2631.

Is fiber required?

MP&W is upgrading older network infrastructure with fiber because it’s better, it requires less maintenance, and it will eliminate electronics currently required in the field which can fail!  When completed, fiber will be the only option and that means Muscatine will reap the benefits enjoyed by the growing number of progressive, 100% fiber-rich communities around the world.

Can I keep my current service and wiring?

In most cases, you will be able to keep your current services. They will just be delivered in a different, better way with more features and conveniences. If our service options change, they will only improve. In cases where wiring or equipment needs to be changed, we will provide you with options that best fit your needs!  

Is MP&W expanding its service territory?

Sorry, we don’t have plans to expand beyond where we already deliver services at this time.  If your subdivision does not currently receive our services and you are interested, there are ways to make that happen. Please contact our HelpDesk at 263-2631.

When is fiber going to be available?

System construction will begin Spring 2017 and the first customer installations will begin late 2017. We expect to have all our current customers installed by the end of 2018. To receive important updates, sign up for FIBER FANS today!

So if I'm not a part of the first wave, will my installation waiting period be longer?

It could. First installations will move from neighborhood to neighborhood. If you miss out, scheduling your installation during the second period for a single home or business may result in a longer wait time due to expected demand. 

If you are a TV or Internet customer now, we will attempt to contact you prior to your neighborhood’s installation period. If you aren’t a customer now but are interested in fiber services, sign up for TV or internet services today! Bundle for an even better deal. Contact our HelpDesk at 263-2631.

Is FIBER FANS a waiting list? How can I sign up?

FIBER FANS is informative only - there's no obligation or commitment. It’s for customers who would like to receive periodic updates with the latest information about MachLink® Fiber Internet features and IPTV benefits before anyone else. Fans will also be the first to know when each neighborhood is being installed and will get access to cool tutorials, terms, and special offers. Sign up for FIBER FANS today!

Will my fiber be installed underground?

If your service is currently run underground on your property, it should remain underground.  If your electric service was recently converted to underground and conduit was installed for your communication service, your fiber service will likely get converted to underground as well.

Will the fiber installation affect WiMAX customers in the country?

No, but WiMAX customers should look forward to our new MachLink Air LTE service coming in 2017 - YAY!

Fiber sounds like a winner for internet service. What else can it be used for?

Fiber enhances our lives and our community! It will deliver your Internet like never before and will take your TV viewing to new levels with Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)! And get ready for the addition of quality local and long distance telephone service from your local customer-owned Utility. Services like game streaming, home automation and security, energy management, and medical applications will all benefit, too! 

Fiber also means that homes and businesses will be able to handle dozens of internet hungry devices – smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc. – at the same time without network slow down!  Our HelpDesk is ready to answer your questions about how fiber will benefit you. Call 263-2631 for details.

Will IPTV mean I need a new set-top box for my TVs?

This is exciting! Having fiber to deliver our signals will allow us to upgrade video equipment and technology in more advanced ways than our existing video delivery system.  New smaller, more powerful and feature-rich set-top boxes will be rolled out to all customers. As always, MP&W will provide you with options to match your needs and new features and benefits will be available. 

I'm one of the few who have a CableCard. Will I still need it?

CableCards are older technology that will no longer be needed. You will need a new set-top box for each television. MP&W will provide you with options to match your needs and we will even collect your CableCard after your fiber installation.

We get our modem from MP&W. Will that be replaced as well?

Yes. Cable modems will be replaced with new gateway devices that are fiber compatible.

What if I don't get my modem from MP&W and previously purchased my own?

All modems currently attached to MP&W's MachLink® Internet Service will be obsolete. They will need to be replaced with one of MP&W's new gateway devices. We apologize for this unavoidable change but you'll love your new service!

What about my wireless router. Will that need replaced, too?

Probably not, but there may be exceptions. Your existing wireless router — whether provided by MP&W's WiFi@Home service or not — will continue to operate. Be aware that older routers may limit your connection and you won't get the fastest fiber speeds possible. Contact our HelpDesk at 263-2631 to learn about how your home network can be ‘gig-ready’ when we install your fiber service or to discuss all available levels of MachLink Fiber Internet service.

New IconCan I buy my own equipment?

No. To provide the state-of-the-art fiber experience Muscatine deserves, except for (wired or wireless) routers, MP&W will not permit customer-owned equipment to be used on our network. Do not purchase any 3rd party set-top boxes or cable modems.

MP&W installers will replace all existing equipment (except wired or wireless routers) at the time of home installation. We apologize for the inconvenience replacing your in-home equipment may cause.

We are excited to offer this new, 100% fiber delivery system to our customers. If you are not currently a MachLink Internet subscriber, call 263-2631 to sign-up now and be included in the first wave of fiber installations!

I am getting excited about fiber! Will this new equipment come with training and instruction?

Absolutely! Your new service and equipment offers enhanced features and benefits and is very different from our current set-top boxes and modems. We will make education available for our customers through our website, Customer Service & HelpDesk representatives, and installers.  We will also host community training events (to be determined). To receive important updates, sign up for FIBER FANS today! We are always happy to help.

Will there be a limit to how many TVs I can connect to fiber?

Not really.  The number of televisions you connect in your home is up to you. To take complete advantage of the new fiber system, additional equipment may be required depending on the number of TV sets and set locations. Additional costs could be associated with providing service to your devices but MP&W can hook up everything you need! 

I've heard a lot about 4k television. Will that be available?

As programming becomes available to us from content providers, you bet! There is currently limited 4k programming available. Remember, a 4k capable television will also be needed.

Is MP&W future proofing so they don' t have to upgrade again in a few years?

Fiber is state-of-the-art! It truly is the next generation of information and entertainment delivery service and it will put the Muscatine area way ahead of other “non-fiber” communities in the United States. While nothing can be said to be “future-proof”, fiber will make us as “future-ready” as possible.