Utility Loan Program

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Don't let the upfront cost of some major projects be a show stopper.

Interest-free financing is available exclusively to MP&W customers for eligible home and building improvement projects which improve energy efficiency, reliable distribution of services, and community beautification.

Eligible projects include:

  • Level 2 charging stations for electric vehicles, available to residential customers
  • Installing a drop to connect to a new service address to MPW's fiber infrastructure
  • Conversion of overhead service to 200 amp underground service
  • Replacement of customer water service line (between the water meter and the main)
  • Installation of ground source heat pumps (geothermal)
  • Installation of air source heat pumps
  • Installation of Energy Star heat pump water heaters
  • Participation in Utility-sponsored renewable energy projects

To help make these types of improvements a reality, home and business owners can access our Utility Loan Program and borrow the money to complete the improvement from MP&W interest-free over an extended period of time!  Re-payment is easy, too!  Upon completion of the work, we'll add the payment amount to your monthly utility bill to be repaid over time.  Get details on this program

For more information contact our Customer Service at 563-263-2631.

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