Power of Friends Video Challenge

Power of Friends Video Contest

Make a Movie, Get It On TV!

We're looking for videos from the next generation of artists to put on our next generation all-fiber network!

Get some friends together

Open to middle school, high school and college students.  We want to see you and your peeps having fun in and around Muscatine!

Make a memory- Make a movie!

Be creative in your own way and record it on your smartphone or tablet.  Splice it together.  *Add non-copyrighted music and titles, then send it in.

What should you include?

Each short movie should include places, activities and people in Muscatine and a subtle visual reference to at least one MP&W utility service, city park or sports complex. The reference could be simple as someone drinking from a water fountain, turning on a lamp, surfing the net, watching TV, playing sports or hanging out at the riverfront. MP&W is part of everyone's everyday life, so it should be simple, right? Be creative!

Watch for your video on TV

At the beginning of the school year, we'll air your videos on MachLink Fiber TV during real TV programs and OnDemand as well as our YouTube Channel, Social Media, and MPW.org.

View and download the Official Rules and Waiver. The waiver must be submitted with your entry.

*Non-copyrighted (royalty-free) music is available from many online sources, including YouTube's Audio Library. Using copyrighted artwork or music may cause any video we select to be blocked by social media platforms and should not be used.

Videos should be submitted by midnight on September 3, 2018 either by dropping off a DVD to our main office at 3205 Cedar Street or by using a free service such as wetransfer.com and sending the link to your video file to contests@machlink.com

Download the official flyer to share with your friends