One of A Kind Water Tower Contest

Water Tower and Text
Image credit: Iowa Finance Authority

We're In It To Win It For Our Community!

We need YOUR help to win a state water tower contest with a PRIZE of having former Muscatine resident and local Iowa artist, Laura Palmer, help design a ONE-OF-A-KIND water tower graphic, paid for and authorized by the Iowa Finance Authority!

The water tower contest, which starts on October 1st at 8am and ends October 11th at 5pm, seeks to promote the importance of water within communities as well as community pride.  We've submitted the video with the participation and support of many community leaders and members — take a look below! 

On Tuesday, October 1st, we'll publish the link on this page to the webpage where ANYONE, ANYWHERE with a Facebook account can vote- they're keeping that link top secret until voting begins!  Once it's published, you can vote once every 24 hours!  We'll share this information on our social media pages, on our website, on our MP&W channels and many other local folks will be sharing it, too.  We need folks everywhere to share our message and vote!  A winner will be announced the week of October 14th.

Winning the contest gives us just one more opportunity to put Muscatine in the statewide spotlight and exposure to untold thousands of people via the Internet!  

Special thanks to following for their assistance in support and production of the video:

Rules from Iowa Finance Authority:

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Image credit: Iowa Finance Authority