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Those satellite and phone promotions are tempting. They promise a lot, but they seldom deliver. MachLink TV and MachLink Phone are the most reliable TV and phone services in the Muscatine area. If you've had enough of the satellite and big phone company lies, lack of dependability, and unexpected costs then come back to MachLink TV and/or MachLink Phone and we'll CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT EQUAL TO YOUR SATELLITE AND PHONE TERMINATION FEES*!

*Restrictions and fees apply. See our Switch and Save 24 Month Agreement.

Satellite and Phone Provider Not Living Up to YOUR Expectations?

Frustrated at Satallite ImageMachLink customers who switch to satellite or phone companies with "introductory" offers often find out that their new service is a fair weather friend and that they've been locked into a lengthy contract. With satellite, cloudy days, rain, and even strong winds can interfere with satellite signals causing blurred images, channel loss, and even complete service blackouts.  With phone conglomerates, you end up paying way more, month-in and month-out with mediocre customer service.

Cable or Fiber television is the most reliable service for delivering news and entertainment. They work when the weather is good but our customers really appreciate us most when the sky gets dark. Don't miss an event, a touchdown, or the latest news again because your satellite can't handle it.  New MachLink Fiber Phone brings crystal clear voice connections with calling features for a lower price every month.

Not Paying the Price You Signed Up For?  No Surprise!

Shocked at her bill image.

It's hard to find a satellite or phone customer who's paying what they signed up for. Satellite AND phone providers hit their customers up with hidden fees from installation and hardware to upgrading and service charges. There always seems to be something new to charge you for every month.

MP&W Customer Service works with customers to understand their bill and all the charges and fees associated with our service. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges.

Satellite in the trash.Come Back to MachLink

How does up to $500 to help offset your early termination fees from your satellite and phone provider sound? (Up to $250 per TV/Phone service) 

With MachLink TV and MachLink Phone, we'll give you a credit up to, not exceeding, your satellite and phone termination fees (maximum $500).

Can this deal get any better? Yes! Switch and Save customers can combine this deal with any other current television, internet or phone promotion! Get our Select TV Package, Internet and Phone for a competitive promotional price. Get multi-room DVR FREE for 3 months with Legacy TV packages or Advanced DVR FREE for 2 months with Fiber TV packages. To save even more money, bundle these deals with fiber or legacy MachLink Internet or MachLink Phone (for fiber customers)!

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View the Switch and Save 24 Month Agreement.

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