DVR & Multi-Room DVR


DVRGood Bye, VCR.

DVRs are easy to use versions of yesterday's beloved VCRs.  Television watchers may record their favorite shows and watch them whenever they want. Unlike VCRs, however, DVRs allow cable subscribers to setup series recordings, pause and rewind live TV, and can hold hundreds of hours of recordings without the hastle of tape swapping.

Model Drive Size Estimated Recording Hours
Standard Definition (SD) High Definition (HD)
DCT6412 120GB 25 to 50hrs 8 to 12hrs
DCH6416 160GB 55 to 100hrs 14 to 21hrs
DCX3400 250GB 80 to 150hrs 20 to 30hrs
DCX3501 500GB 160 to 300hrs 40 to 60hrs

Multi-Room DVR

multi-room DVRHello, Future!

Multi-Room DVR is a networked service where one master DVR box is networked to other multi-room capable boxes. This feature allows you to access your DVR content in up to 4 other rooms and enjoy your favorite DVR functionality on non-DVR boxes - play, pause, rewind and fast-forward previous recordings. 

Multi-room DVR service is available from MPW DigitalTV for the low cost of $2.99 per month.*

*A one time setup fee of $9.95 will apply.  Multi-room compatible digital TV boxes are required.  View our equipment matrix for details.

Did You Know...

The VCR was invented in 1956!

But it wasn't until the VHS format that the technology became a success in the home.  VHS was invented by JVC and entered the US consumer market in 1976.