Which MachLink Service is Right For Me?

We want to match you with the best service possible!

Use this helpful chart to determine the best service for your home.  Consider how many internet connected devices will be accessing the internet simultaneously during your home's most demanding hours. Many people frequenlty underestimate the number of devices that can access the internet in their homes. Beyond your personal computer, laptop, and smartphone don't forget to include devices such as ebook readers, gaming consoles, and home automation devices.

Device List Graphic

Internet Usage Number Of Internet Devices In Household
8 or more 5 or 7 3 or 4 1 or 2
Advanced Use Xtreme100 Xtreme100 Xtreme50 Nitro
Heavy Use Xtreme100 Xtreme50 Nitro Turbo
Standard Use Xtreme50 Nitro Turbo Turbo
Light Use Nitro Turbo Turbo Lite

Home Networking with MachLink WiFi@Home

To connect multiple devices, a home router is required. MachLink offers the WiFi@Home service to customers who need a managed home networking solution. MachLink WiFi@Home connects all of your devices together to share files, photos, play games, and use a single Internet connection to surf the Web - all with wireless convenience. WiFi@Home is recommended for subscribers using MachLink Turbo or above. 

WiFi@Home is only $8.99/month. We will connect up to 5 devices at installation. ($9.95 installation).