Warranty Plus Protection

Muscatine Power & Water (MP&W) strives to carry on the tradition of satisfying our customers’ communications needs. That’s why we offer wireless Internet service to customers who are unable to receive our traditional broadband/cable Internet service.

WiMax Warranty Plus ProtectionCustomers are responsible for the normal care and upkeep of the equipment rented from MP&W and replacement costs are charged if equipment is damaged by willful or negligent acts, power surges and lighting. The cost to replace damaged wireless equipment can run as high as $500.00, plus service rates!

Warranty Plus Protection (WPP) has you covered!

For a low monthly fee of $9.99, customers can enroll in the Warranty Plus Protection and know that MP&W will take care of MachLink® wireless equipment damaged by power surges, lighting, weather, acts of God, and/or equipment defect. Now, when you order Warranty Plus Protection, MP&W provides a surge protector to use exclusively with your MP&W supplied equipment!

A quality surge protector will be provided by MP&W.

What's Covered What's NOT Covered
  • MP&W technicians will identify service problems with your MachLink® wireless system at no charge.
  • Repair and replacement of the Wireless equipment, if damaged by power surges, weather, acts of God, and/or defective equipment.
  • Replacement of MP&W equipment (provided customer is using a grounded 3-prong outlet)
  • Damage to the MachLink® Wireless equipment due to willful or negligent acts.
  • Customer-owned equipment such as computers, printers, game systems, TVs, DVRs, or surround-sound systems.
  • Wireless equipment installed by anyone other than MP&W.
  • Electrical, coaxial, phone wiring and/or outlets.
  • Replacement of Power over Ethernet (POEs) devices (if customer is not using a grounded 3-prong outlet), plus normal service rates.

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