Get Excited for Fiber

Fiber Changes Everything

Fiber-optic Internet with speeds up to 1 gigabit (1000 megabits) is coming to your home or business! And when it does, you’ll be able to do things online that were not even conceivable a few short years ago — and do them faster.

Fiber will make Muscatine a “gigabit city” and we can expect to reap the benefits of being on the short list of communities that offer the highest Internet speeds possible.

Fiber Speed Chart

To our benefit, there’s a substantial amount of fiber already deployed in Muscatine as we’ve been providing fiber-based services to large business customers for years. We have fiber in place from our Cedar Street “headend” location to nearly 100 “nodes” throughout the community.

Our Fiber construction project will convert the “last mile” of coaxial cable to fiber by replacing the infrastructure from each node “to the home”.

In addition, recent studies have shown that having a city-wide fiber network makes a community more attractive to new commercial investment opportunities and increases local property values!

Fiber Means a Better Television Experience Too!

Besides blistering Internet speeds, MachLink FIber will also change television for the better. It's not cable TV, it's able TV — able to do things that were once impossible.

Fiber television will be capable of delivering 4k Ultra HD programming. It will also enable our new Advanced DVR service, and since the recording will no longer be  stored inside your set-top box, every box in your home will now be capable of recording, pausing and playing back your selections. Plus, you can now record up to 8 programs at once!

DVR activation will also entitle you to the ManageMyTVs app for tablet or smartphone which will allow you to set and control recordings from anywhere and will even make your device a handy spare remote control! 

Even without DVR, your new set-top box will give you the ability to catch up on programs you may have missed and restart many programs from the beginning if you happen to miss the start!

We are also realigning our channels into logical groupings so that popular genres like sports or news networks wil be located near each other on the guide. For a sneak peek at the new line up, click here

We hope you're getting excited for MachLink Fiber Internet, TV and Phone,  and we're glad that you've chosen MP&W as your provider.


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