MachLink® Internet for Business Class Service

MachLink Business Class

MachLink® Area Network (MAN) Connects Your Business

Connect your Muscatine business locations with a dedicated fiber-optic network. MAN is the lightning-fast, reliable service your business deserves.

High-Speed Cable Modem Packages

Regardless of what you do or the size of your business, MachLink® Internet’s Business Class gives you 5 levels of Internet connections to match your needs.

MachLink® connections are Muscatine’s most reliable and are backed by our local HelpDesk and technical support team. Contact our Business Development Department to arrange a free, no obligation assessment of your business’ needs and to discuss the options that are right for you.

Service Type & Level Maximum Download (Speeds up to) Maximum Upload (Speeds up to) Email Addresses # Static IP Addresses Monthly Price
Class 5
100Mbps 10Mbps 10 1 Call for Pricing
Class 4
50Mbps 8Mbps 10 1 Call for Pricing
Class 3
20Mbps 6Mbps 10 1 Call for Pricing
Class 2
10Mbps 2Mbps 10 1 Call for Pricing
Class 1
3Mbps 1Mbps 5 Dynamic Call for Pricing

Call Scott Holmes, Business Development Specialist, for pricing today! 563-262-3213 or email

Cable-modem required @ $3.00 per month. $40.00 Installation fee on all classes will apply. Service plans and prices are subject to change.

Your competitive edge is speed

IP Packages - For Cable Modem or MAN Business Class

Cable Modem Packages Customer Usable Addresses Fee
6 IP Subnet/29 5 Call for Pricing
14 Ip Subnet/28 13 Call for Pricing
30 IPSubnet/27 29 Call for Pricing
62 IP Subnet/26 61 Call for Pricing
126 IP Subnet/25 125 Call for Pricing

Call Scott Holmes, Business Development Specialist, for pricing today! 563-262-3213 or email

Your network needs priority

Special Options & Services

MachLink® Business Class offers Muscatine area business everything they need to compete and get ahead. The following additional services can be combined with your Internet Service to boost your network control beyond the limits.

Special Service Option Price
DNS Pointing Service Call for Pricing
DNS Hosting Service Call for Pricing
Email Aliasing Call for Pricing
Additional IP Addresses Call for Pricing
Additional Email Addresses Call for Pricing
DNS Setup & Registration (first 2 years) Call for Pricing
DNS Registration (after 2nd year) Call for Pricing
Transfer Domain Name Call for Pricing
DNS Setup w/o Registration Call for Pricing

Share your data with integrity

Equipment Replacement Costs

Description Price
Unreturned/Damaged Cable Modem $100.00
Unreturned/Damaged Cable Modem Power Supply $15.00

Business Development

For small business, commercial, and industrial internet, digital/fiber television service, or fiber phone information, please contact:

Scott Holmes
Business Development Specialist
3205 Cedar Street
Muscatine, IA 52761
Phone: (563 ) 262-3213
Fax: (563) 262-3345

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