How To Start Watching a Recording In One Room and Finish It In Another

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If you have DVR, to start watching a recording in one room and finish watching it in another:

For Legacy TV Service: The powerful "bookmarking" capability allows you to resume watching a program in another room without missing anything in between. Note: This feature is only available when moving from client box to client box.  To pause a live or recorded program and resume in another room on a non-DVR box: Press "Menu", then "DVR", click on "OK", "Menu", then "Pause Live TV".  To resume, press "Menu", "DVR", highlight yoru paused program, click "OK", then "Play", "OK", then "Resume" from the follow-me bookmark.

For Fiber TV Service: Push "pause" or "stop", then push "resume" in another room with MachLink TV service when you're ready to continue watching a program.