How Do I Use Voicemail?

MachLink Phone How To with 2 Red Phones in Red Circles

To set up your voicemail:

  • Dial *86
  • Enter your PIN for your voicemail. The temporary PIN is 6245 when you first set up your voicemail. You'll want to change your PIN immediately as outlined below so no one can access your voicemail using the temporary PIN.
  • In the main menu, press 4 to change settings.
  • For security options, press 3.
  • To change your PIN to any 4-digit number, press 1. Keep record of your PIN number in a safe place as MP&W will not know your PIN and will not be able to change it for you.

To record your own greeting:

(This feature comes with a system-generated greeting that callers will hear when they call and reach your voicemail, however, you may record your own with the following instructions.)

  • Press *86 and enter your PIN.
  • Press 3 in the main menu.
  • Press 1 to set up your own greeting.
  • To change the recording of your name, or to set the system-generated greeting, press 3.
  • Press 5 if you'd like to change the greeting callers hear if your phone is busy.

When you have new messages:

  • You'll hear a few short blips during the dial tone.
  • Once you dial into your voicemail and enter your PIN, new messages will be identified.
  • After you've heard your new messages, the Voicemail Main Menu will play and provide options, such as, playback, delete, and set-up your voicemail recording.