How Do I Use Call Forwarding?

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If included in your phone package, to activate call forwarding:

  • Press *72 and immediately dial the forwarding number. For non-local numbers, ensure that you dial a 1 plus the area code first before dialing the forwarding number.
  • Once you've completed the previous step, you'll hear a few short stutters in the dial tone, then the call will automatically ring to the forwarding number. To complete activating the call forwarding feature, the call must be answered on the forwarded number's phone. (i.e., if you're transferring the phone to your cell phone, you must answer your cell phone after you've gone through the initial steps to forward the phone to your cell phone to enable the forwarding feature.)
  • To verify this feature is active, press *72 from the main phone that you're forwarding and you should receive a busy signal or error announcement, which confirms that the feature is activated.

To deactivate call forwarding, press *73. You'll then hear two short tones followed by the dial tone, confirming that you've deactivated call forwarding.