How to Self-Install Your ONT

MachLink Internet logo with two red circles around wifi icons in the word how to

black box on table

The ONT (optical network terminal) converts fiber's optical light signal so your PC and router can use it.  Please follow these instructions to self-install your ONT with MPW's internet service.

Step 1:  Turn your ONT over.

black box turned upside down on table

Step 2:  Slide the cover located in the corner of the bottom of the ONT off.

black box on table sliding battery cover off corner

Step 3:  Remove the black cap from the green receptacle.

pulling out black cap from green receptacle

Step 4:  Locate the fiber "jumper".   Note the ridge on the plug. IMPORTANT!! DO NOT POINT THE LIGHTED END AT YOURSELF - IT'S A LASER!

green plug

Step 5:  Insert the jumper plug with ridge, facing down.   Push it until it snaps in place.

green plug plugged into black box's green receptacle

Step 6:  Replace the cover.

replacing black cover on black box

Step 7:  Plug one end of the ethernet cable into ETH1.

yellow ethernet plug plugging into yellow section of black box

Step 8:  Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into your PC or router.

yellow ethernet plug plugged into router

Step 9:  Connect the adapter, then plug it into an outlet and turn the ONT power ON.

black plug plugging into power outlet  power button in back of black box

Step 10:  Finally,  AFTER you complete these steps or if you're experiencing issues with set-up, call our HelpDesk at 563-263-2631, then press 2.