How To Customize and Check Your Email Anywhere

MachLink Email How To with red circles around email icons

Check Mail Anywhere with MachLink's web-based email service! To begin, click on the following link:

Check Mail Anywhere

Many MP&W customers use the Check Mail Anywhere (CMA) website to check their email. It is especially handy for customers who want to check email remotely when traveling.

Default Display

When the CMA website is initially logged into, it comes with a default display.

default display

Customization Options

Options that can be changed in the Options area of the CMA website include by clicking on Settings:

  • Address Book Preferences
    Settings  > Preferences > Contacts > (change default address book, List contacts as, Sorting Columns, setting Rows per page)
  • Folder Preferences
    Settings > Folders (listing folders, check boxes to enable/disable folders, ability to empty email by folder, how many emails are in folder, and folder size in MB)
  • New Mail Options (Mailbox View)
    Settings > Preferences > Mailbox View (change layout, when to mark messages as READ, return receipt options, expand message threads, rows per page, check all folders for new messages)
  • Personal Information
    Settings > Identities (change the outgoing name and signatures)

mail inbox view