Check Email Anywhere

You can Check Mail Anywhere with MachLink®'s web-based email service! To begin, click on the following link:

Check Mail Anywhere

Many Muscatine Power & Water (MP&W) customers use the Check Mail Anywhere (CMA) website to check their email. It is especially handy for customers who want to check email remotely - such as those who travel.

Check Mail Anywhere - Basic Customizing

For people that like to customize their software, the Check Mail Anywhere (CMA) website offers several settings that make this easy.

A. Display

When the CMA website is initially logged into, it comes with default display.

default display

For those interested in changing the display, there are other options available. To reach these different backgrounds, click on OPTIONS on the top toolbar. In the Options window, select DISPLAY PREFERENCES and select the approriate changes you would like to make.

display preferences

After making a selection, click on the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the page. After doing this, it may be necessary to refresh your web browser.

B. Other Options Available

Other options that can be changed in the Options area of the CMA website include:

  • Address Groups
  • Folder Preferences
  • NewMail Options
  • Personal Information
  • Message Highlighting
  • Index Order
  • Translation Options