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Stingray MusicStingray is home to all the music you'll ever need, right at your fingertips. From classic hits to contemporary chart toppers and little known treasures, Stingray will move you with rock, country, dance, jazz, blues, pop, soothing sounds of nature, and great arias and symphonies. With the Stingray Music app (Android | iOS), you can keep the rhythm going on your smartphone or tablet as a part of you service with MPW DigitalTV.

More choice of great music from yesterday and today.

With thousands of channels* and thousands of songs to choose from, nowhere else can you find such a great choice in music and all commercial-free!  Look no further for a soundtrack to your everyday life or your special occasions, whatever mood you might be in - tune in to Stingray on your TV, smartphone, or tablet!

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*Number of channels available dependent upon device used to listen to music. More channels available via the Stingray Music app.

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