Frequently Asked Questions

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General Fiber Questions

"Fiber" refers to fiber-optic cable, which is made from flexible glass. It's ideal for delivering the fastest, most reliable information and entertainment. Fiber transfers data using light and is capable of “gigabit” speed (1000Mbps). Gigabit is 100 times faster than our most common speed today. Lightning fast internet, feature-rich internet protocol television (IPTV) and reliable telephone service is coming soon to area residents and businesses. You can review our download speed table to see how fast different files can be delivered.

Not a customer of ours? We'd like to get you connected, too! Contact our HelpDesk at 263-2631 today.

State-of-the-art Fiber delivers superior download speeds with higher upload speeds customers want. It’s resistant to wear and tear and will last much longer with lower maintenance. Studies have also shown fiber availability makes communities more attractive to new businesses as well as families and can actually lead to increased property values!

When completed, fiber will be the only option and that means Muscatine will reap the benefits enjoyed by the growing number of progressive, 100% fiber-rich communities around the world. All existing digital tv & internet customers who wish to maintain their TV and internet service will be transitioned to fiber.

In most cases, you will be able to keep your current services. They will just be delivered in a different, better way with more features and conveniences. If our service options change, they will only improve. In cases where wiring or equipment needs to be changed, we will provide you with options that best fit your needs!

At this time, we don't have plans to expand beyond where we currently deliver services. If your subdivision does not currently receive our services and you are interested, there are ways to make that happen. Please contact our HelpDesk at 263-2631.

System construction began in Spring 2017 and the first customer installations have begun at this time. We expect to have all our current customers installed by fall of 2020. To view your installation order based on your service address, please visit our map.

If your service is currently run underground on your property, it should remain underground. If your electric service was recently converted to underground and conduit was installed for your communication service, your fiber service will likely get converted to underground as well.

TV Questions

Fiber TV

Having fiber to deliver our signals will allow us to upgrade video equipment and technology in more advanced ways than our existing video delivery system. New, smaller, more powerful and feature-rich set-top boxes will be rolled out to all customers. As always, MP&W will provide you with options to match your needs and new features and benefits will be available.

CableCards are older technology that will no longer be needed. You will need a new set-top box for each television. MP&W will provide you with options to match your needs and we will even collect your CableCard after your fiber installation.

No. The number of televisions you connect in your home is up to you. To take complete advantage of the new fiber system, additional equipment may be required depending on the number of TV sets and set locations. Additional costs could be associated with providing service to your devices but MP&W can hook up everything you need!

As programming becomes available to us from content providers, you bet! There is currently limited 4k programming available. Remember, a 4k capable television will also be needed.

Legacy (Digital) TV

Yes! You can review our all of our promotions here. We frequently offer promotions for both new and existing customers. Additionally, we always have our Referral Rewards program that allows you to save on your MP&W bill.

Remote control models and guides can be found here.


Because IPTV via Fiber is a new technology, once you’ve switched, you will no longer have access to the DVR recordings on any of your old digital boxes. As a helpful reminder, we recommend you view all your DVR content BEFORE switching to Fiber, and if you had series recordings set up on your old box, make a list ahead of time or take a picture of your list and save it for reference so you can set them up on the new one.

Two quick ways to access your current DVR content:

  1. Press the green button labeled "LIST".  This takes you directly to your actual DVR recordings.
  2. Or, press the "MENU" button, then select the "DVR" icon on your on-screen guide.  You will then have the option to view "YOUR RECORDINGS" or go to "SERIES RECORDINGS" on your on-screen guide.

Great news: If you are continuing your DVR subscription, each of your new boxes will be DVR-enabled when you receive them and you'll have 500GB total of safe, off-site storage!  Additional storage space will be available if you need it.

Advanced DVR is a MachLink TV service that enables DVR functionality on your set-top boxes.

  • Record up to 8 programs all at once.
  • Set a single recording or record an entire series.
  • Create folders and organize recordings by user or by type of program.
  • Comes enabled with 500 GB of secure storage. More storage is available for $1.99/mo. per 500 GB increments up to 2,000 GB.

The monthly fee for Advanced DVR service is $11.99 per month, with your first box free and includes ManageMyTV’s app for FREE, allowing you to manage your DVR from anywhere!

For the best user experience, we recommend pairing premium set-top boxes with Advanced DVR and, remember, your first box is on us!

DVR Recordings:

Legacy (coax) customers can record up to 2 shows at the same time per DVR box.

Fiber customers can record up to 8 shows at the same time per household/account and can store 500GB of programming with the ability to add additional storage space. Learn more about Advanced DVR services.

Watching DVR Recordings:

Legacy customers can watch recorded shows on TVs that are connected to a box, up to 4.

Fiber customers can watch shows on ANY TV in the home that's connected to a box- no limit!

Apps & Advanced Features

WatchTVEverywhere allows you to stream your favorite cable networks on tablets, mobile phones or laptops anywhere you have an internet connection. To learn more about what this service can do and view instructions on how to use it with active MP&W TV service click here.

WatchTVEverywhere is FREE with Select and above MP&W TV service.

Stingray Music is FREE with your MP&W TV service. You can select channels directly from your TV to listen to music, but the best part about Stingray Music is that it replaces the need for other paid music services when you download and use the Stingray Music app. You can download the app from the Google Play Store for Android devices or from iTunes for Apple devices.

The MachLink Streaming TV app ("Streaming TV" in the app store for Apple & Android, and "MachLink TV" on Roku is a FREE app included with any MachLink TV service packages. This app allows you to stream basic tier content not available on WatchTVEverywhere, such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, IPTV and more. You can stream while connected to any MachLink Internet service. Networks streamed with this service may vary.

MyTVs is a free app that comes with your MachLink TV Advanced DVR service. You can find this app as “MyTVs” in the app store for Apple and Android. Whether you’re sitting in your favorite room, are far away from home, or just can’t find your remote, this app allows you to:

  • Set and manage your DVR recordings
  • Use it as a remote control to change the channel
  • View and search the TV Guide or filter channels on the TV guide
  • Access "What's Hot" local content, which shows you what other MachLink TV subscribers are watching the most right now.

These exciting advanced features are part of our Fiber TV service. Restart allows you to restart a program from the beginning, whether you have DVR enabled or not. Catch-Up is a companion feature that allows you to view select programs from earlier in the week. To view how to access and use these features, click here.

Internet Questions

View Network Management Practices

Fiber Internet

Yes! You'll receive a NEW gateway device that is fiber compatible that will replace your cable modem.

All modems currently attached to MP&W's MachLink® Internet Service will be obsolete. They will need to be replaced with one of MP&W's new gateway devices. We apologize for this unavoidable change but you'll love your new service!

Probably not, but there may be exceptions. Your existing wireless router — whether provided by MP&W's WiFi@Home service or not — will continue to operate. Be aware that older routers, and those that have not maintained firmware updates may limit your connection and you won't get the fastest fiber speeds possible. Contact our HelpDesk at 263-2631 to learn about how your home network can be ‘gig-ready' when we install your fiber service or to discuss all available levels of MachLink Fiber Internet service.

No. To provide the state-of-the-art fiber experience Muscatine deserves, except for (wired or wireless) routers, MP&W will not permit customer-owned equipment to be used on our network. Do not purchase any 3rd party set-top boxes or cable modems.

MP&W installers will replace all existing equipment (except wired or wireless routers) at the time of home installation. We apologize for the inconvenience replacing your in-home equipment may cause.

We are excited to offer this new, 100% fiber delivery system to our customers. If you are not currently a MachLink Internet subscriber, call 263-2631 to sign-up now and be included in the first wave of fiber installations!

Legacy Internet

MachLink Cable Modem Internet access is provided over the same, state-of-the-art, hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) system that delivers MPW Digital TV throughout the City of Muscatine. (MPW Digital TV and MachLink are both products of Muscatine Power & Water.) We have installed special cable modem equipment at our cable TV facility that sends and receives Internet data along with MPW Digital TV signals. The Internet signal does not affect the television channels. You can watch MPW Digital TV and use high speed MachLink Internet service at the same time.

Yes, as long as you are within the MPW Digital TV service area. You don't have to subscribe to MPW Digital TV to sign up for MachLink Cable Modem Internet access.

When a device is assigned a static IP address, it does not change. The device always has the same IP address. When a device is assigned a dynamic IP address, the IP address changes over time.

Static IP addresses make integration with your company's established network easy.

Net Neutrality is a complex issue that affects Internet users worldwide. While the recent FCC rulings apply only to American Internet users, we are not the first nation grappling with the issue. This article, How is Net Neutrality Working for the Countries That Have It? explains how it's been working for other countries.

For Muscatine residents using MP&W's MachLink® Internet service, net neutrality in its most basic form has been something of a given for years. As a standard practice, MP&W does not block, throttle, or discriminate among Internet data types and we do not profit from fees charged for traffic prioritization. Therefore, we do not expect to see any changes to the way MP&W handles Internet traffic in the near future. Should the FCC modify it's ruling and require ISPs like MP&W to take some sort of action, we will examine all available options at that time and notify our customer-owners of any modifications to our network that would impact their service.

MP&W's Stance On Net Neutrality

MP&W is a strong supporter of net neutrality and an open Internet. However, like many other Internet service providers (ISPs), we are opposed to the changes enacted by the FCC to classify the Internet as a utility under Title II of the Communications Act.

  • Now that the FCC has acted, what will MP&W do?  MP&W has and always will comply with any and all FCC rulings.
  • Isn't the government just protecting consumers and making it equal for all users?  As a smaller ISP, we do not have an incentive to restrict the openness of the Internet.  We compete for customers and have no desire to interfere with their internet experience.  MP&W follows the FCC's 2005 Open Internet principles and does not block, throttle, or discriminate among types of internet traffic, nor do we charge internet edge providers for priority delivery on our networks.
  • But aren't you just trying to penalize Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu?  Small ISPs, including MP&W, are not in a position to demand payments from the major streaming services for preferential treatment for their services. In fact, because of our size, we have to work extra hard to enter into contracts for settlement-free caching and peering arrangements with major corporations.
  • Doesn't someone have to keep an eye on these corporations?  In the past, the FCC has relied upon previous regulations, such as those in Sections 201, 202, and 208) to impose rate regulations. The reclassification of the Internet as a utility will mean increased costs for providers for compliance efforts. These costs may eventually mean higher rates for consumers.
  • If you're not doing anything wrong why worry? We are not concerned with net neutrality principles that are beneficial to all. We are concerned with the consequences of this reclassification – especially those consequences outside the FCC’s control. It is possible that this change will harm our ability to fund and deploy broadband throughout the community without any benefits for consumers. MP&W and other ISPs our size are not the problem and we believe the FCC should treat them accordingly.
  • When is all this going to happen?  The FCC ruling on net neutrality is certain to be litigated by a number of ISPs. It will likely be years before a final ruling is issued and goes into effect.

Learn More About Net Neutrality:

MachLink AIR Fixed Wireless

Yes. A signed 24 month service agreement is required before your service will be installed. Early termination fees (up to $250) will apply. Early termination fees (up to $250) will apply. For new customers, a one-time 24 month price freeze will accompany your initial service agreement. After the 24 month service agreement ends, customers will be billed monthly at the going rate.

Prior to installation, a free site survey will determine your home's eligibility. The surveying technician will explain the survey results to you. You can also review the MachLink AIR Fixed Wireless service area for reference.

A 3-prong grounded outlet is required to use MachLink AIR Fixed Wireless equipment. Our technician can perform a site-survey, including testing applicable outlets, to determine if this service will be a good fit for you and verify that a quality ground exists where equipment will be installed. MP&W will install the service on an ungrounded outlet provided the customer supplies an appropriate adapter if necessary, however, to be eligible for Warranty Plus Protection, a grounded, 3-prong outlet is required. Customer should know that ungrounded outlets offer no electrical protection for your home and should contact a local electrician if they wish to have a proper ground added to your home.

Equipment replacement costs could run as high as $400. In addition, MP&W's service rate is $25 per hour and includes travel time to and from your location. For only $9.99/month all your MachLink Air Fixed Wireless equipment could be covered with our Warranty Plus Protection. A 3-prong, grounded outlet is required with use of MachLink AIR Fixed Wireless equipment for eligible coverage of Warranty Plus Protection.

Phone Questions

View Phone Packages

At any time, MP&W phone customers may request their phone number be non-published (unlisted). From that date forward, the number will not be listed in any published directory (White Pages, 411 Directory Assistance, etc.).  NOTE: Numbers previously published will remain public for the life of that printed directory.

All MP&W phone numbers will be published unless you request this service. There is a one-time set-up fee of $10 per phone number and a $2 monthly fee per phone number for non-published phone numbers.

When you make a long distance call, the territories defined that are part of long-distance include:

United States, Canada, Anguilla, Antigua, Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, Saint Maarten, Saint Kitts, Saint Nevis, Saint Vincent, Grenadines, Trinidad, Tobago, the Turks and Caicos, plus Mexico.

*Long distance minutes (excluding minutes included in service packages) are billed at $0.05/min. for both residential and business customers.

With any of our packages, when dialing internationally, those countries/territories not listed under our definition of Long-Distance FAQ fall under "International Long-Distance".

*Rates for International Long-Distance are determined by the current prevailing rate at the time you make an international long-distance call and change by country/territory based on that area's rates that are in effect at the time of your call.

No. If dialing a toll-free, or "800" number to reach an out-of-area business or individual, the person dialing will not be charged a long-distance fee. 

Businesses or individuals who have an "800", or toll-free number are billed based on inbound calls to the toll-free number. Toll-free inbound call rates are billed at $0.04 per minute for both residential and business customers. There is a monthly service charge for each toll-free number you have of $1.99/mo.

If the power goes out, you will need an optional battery backup to keep your phone active. MP&W provides 2 battery back-up options. The first provides up to 8 hours of back-up for $3.99/mo and the second provides up to 24 hours of back-up for $7.99/mo. The battery back-up offers peace of mind for customers with medical issues that often require Emergency 911 assistance, home medical alert systems, and home monitoring or security systems.

Promotions and Extras

We offer a variety of promotions for internet and TV services for both new and existing customers. Check them out here.


MachLink Area Network (MAN Enterprise Business Solutions)


  • Point-to-point and multi-point service configurations
  • Local office connectivity with colocations
  • Bandwith options from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps
  • Dedicated Bandwidth: Receive all of the bandwidth you need, when you need it with speeds from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps.
  • Unsurpassed Reliability: Self-healing fiber-ring topology protects your critical data and provides best-in-class network availability and resiliency.
  • Easy Scalability: Substantial capacity at the point of installation to meet your current and future data needs.
  • Valuable Security: All customer traffic is protected and segmented.
  • Sign a multi-year contract for the MachLink® Area Network, and receive pricing discounts up to 75% off the cost of construction and equipment!
  • Multi-year contracts are headache free and will lock in your pricing for the duration of the contract. Multi-year customers won't pay price increases until their contract is renewed.

Contact Scott Holmes at 563-262-3213 to discuss all the MachLink Area Network options that are best for your business.

MachLink Dedicated Circuit allows businesses to control a virtual private circuit between locations.

The MachLink Dedicated Circuit is an ideal solution for businesses with one main office and several satellite locations.

Online Bill Pay

Paying online with a credit card or electronic check saves time, gives you flexibility in how and when you pay your bill, and saves money (no more stamps, paper checks or envelopes). When you register through our secure and trusted 3rd party provider, Invoice Cloud, you’ll have access to all of your invoices, to view payments and payment dates, your profile information, the ability to schedule payments and save payment information (if you choose), and the ability to sign-up for AutoPay. You can continue to receive paper bills even if you register, or you can elect to go paperless through this online system and print out a copy of your invoice at home whenever you need it.

You will need to register to receive electronic bills by email, but registration is not required for One Time Payments. One Time Payments require that you enter your payment information each time you make a payment. By registering, you avoid that step and gain access to your payment history.

Windows: Safari 4, 5 - Chrom 10, 11 - Opera 10, 11 - Firefox 3.6, 4 - Internet Explorer 7,8,9

iPhone and iPad: :Mobile Safari 4x

Apple/Mac: Firefox 3.6, 4.0 - Chrome 11 - Opera 10.x, 11 - Safari 4,5

Ubuntu (Linux): Opera 9.6 - Firefox 3.6

If you are unable to find the information you need in your online payment history or open invoices, please call us at 563-263-2631.

Only you and Muscatine Power and Water authorized staff. No one will have access to your financial information as all check routing numbers and credit card numbers are truncated, so you never have to worry about security. As a security precaution, we don't even show your full financial information back to you.


The North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) requires electric utilities to warn customers in the event of potential or actual electrical supply emergencies. These are extreme measures. We hope the condition never arises but you need to be aware of the potential so you can respond appropriately in an emergency.

Power Watch

A Power Watch is a condition where the potential exists for electric energy demand to exceed electric energy supply. If a Power Watch is issued, MP&W will ask residential, commercial, and industrial customers to voluntarily cut back on electric energy usage by turning off or cutting back the usage of electrical energy-intensive appliances, such as air conditioners, electric ranges, and electric dryers.

Power Warning

A Power Warning is an urgent and mandatory call to customers to reduce energy usage because, at the time the warning is issued, the electric energy demand is actually exceeding electric energy supply. If a Power Warning is issued, MP&W customers must immediately take action to curtail electricity usage except for essential needs.

Yes – it is the law.   Whether you are a homeowner or general contractor, using a spade or a backhoe, building a deck, a house, a patio, or just planting a shrub, if you're planning a project in Iowa that involves digging, you must get in touch with Iowa One at 1-800-292-8989. Call 48 hours before you dig. Phone operators are available 24 hours a day, and the utility location service is free. You may also make one easy call to 811 from anywhere in the U.S. and your call will be routed to the appropriate call center. One Call center operators notify the appropriate utilities then the utility companies send a professional to mark lines at no charge.

Stay at least 24 inches away from the marked lines when you start digging. If you're planting a tree, remember to consider the length of the roots as the tree matures, and don't plant larger trees below overhead power lines.

You can lower your electric bill. The following are a few things to try. Visit our Energy Smarts section for additional tips for saving energy.

Air Conditioner (avg. 900 kWh/month based on six hours/day)

  • Set your thermostat at 78º F during the day.
  • Turn your air conditioner off during the afternoons when you are not at home.
  • Buy cooling equipment with a high energy efficiency rating.
  • Clean and replace filters regularly.
  • Close your drapes and blinds during the day.
  • Make sure your attic is insulated.

Electric Water Heater (avg. 400 kWh/month)

  • Turn your water heater's thermostat down.
  • If you have a dishwasher, 140º F is recommended. If not, 120º F is adequate.
  • Turn to "pilot" when you go on vacation.
  • Install a water heater blanket on the water heater and pipe insulation on the first five feet of pipe coming out of the water heater.

Refrigerators/Freezers (avg. 150 kWh/month for 16 cu.ft. frost-free)

  • Keep your refrigerator door closed as much as possible.
  • Make sure your unit seals properly.
  • Periodically clean the condenser coils.
  • Do not allow frost to build up.
  • Try to keep the refrigerator full (an empty refrigerator uses more energy).

Clothes Dryer (avg. 79 kWh/month)

  • Avoid overloading.
  • Clean the lint filter between every load.
  • Try shorter drying times.

Electric Stove (avg. 62 kWh/month if used to cook three meals per day)

  • Cut preheating time.
  • Use a timer and keep the door closed.
  • Prepare complete meals rather than just baking one item at a time.
  • Never use your oven or stove to heat your kitchen.


Discolored water is an occasional occurrence in a normally operating ground-water system and does not pose a health risk. However, it can be surprising and an inconvenience to unaware customers. Temporarily discolored water is safe, and is primarily an aesthetic issue. Your water may have a different taste or lightly colored clothes may become slightly stained if laundered during system disruptions. These events should be short lived. However, if the discoloration persists, it may be a symptom of a problem with your house's water system. Galvanized iron pipes installed in homes in the 1960s and earlier can act as magnets for oxidized iron to form on the inside of the pipes. This can result in lower system pressures and release of iron sediment during routine activities such as dishwasher and washing machine use.

When flushing crews are working close to your residence or business, you may experience periods of very low pressure or even complete stoppage of service. We attempt to notify customers in advance of flushing via billing notice, newspaper notices, the Utility website, our Facebook page and by placing “flushing in this area” signs at major thoroughfares during the operation.

The EPA and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources have adopted rules that require public water suppliers to test their water supply on a regular basis for the presence of synthetic and organic compounds [DNR: Chapter 567-41.4(5) and 41.4(7)(|AC)].  MP&W water quality test results are available online.

Muscatine's average water hardness is around 265 parts per million or 15.5 grains per gallon.

Visit our Water Conservation  page for ways you can reduce your water consumption and conserve this resource.