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TV advertising works! Cable TV makes it affordable.

TV is the most powerful medium for delivering advertising messages. Put the power of sight, sound, and emotion to work for your business.  And, with MPW TV, television advertising is more affordable than you think.  

Thousands of local viewers are watching our networks right now. Tap into that audience with your unique message and watch your business grow beyond your expectations.  

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10 Reasons Why You Should Advertise On MPW TV

1. Cable television is an impact medium.

Television is the most powerful medium available, combining sight, sound and emotion with vivid product demonstrations.

2. Cable television allows precise geographic targeting.

Most people shop within 5 miles of their home. Most businesses obtain 90% of their business from their local trade area. Spots placed with MPW TV reach your best prospects without wasting advertising dollars on viewers outside your immediate trade area.

3. Cable television features highly specialized lifestyle and format programming.

Cable television allows you to target advertising viewers who have a specific demographic profile.

4. Cable television allows you to reach an audience with above-average buying power.

Households with cable TV statistically have more disposable income and are more likely than non-cable households to purchase products across a broad range of categories.

5. Cable television offers greater exposure.

Frequent advertising is what gets shoppers out of their homes and into your business. Cable TV allows you to reach potential customers multiple times per day over multiple networks.

6. Cable ads are cost effective.

Cable ad rates are significantly lower than broadcast television rates and while viewership of programming on the big 4 broadcast networks continues its steady decline, cable network programming's audience is growing, Some of the highest rated programs in key demographics are on cable, and that makes cable a more cost-effective advertising medium.

7. Cable advertising is the easy, one-stop, no-hassle way to place ads on a wide variety of networks.

With broadcast television, you must deal with each station separately. One visit with our MPW TV advertising rep, and you have access to a wide range of channels, time slots, and demographic segments.

8. On Cable, color is free!

With television, you can take full advantage of audio-visual delivery to show off your facilities or your product. No medium communicates better than television!

9. Cable advertising commands viewer attention.

Cable advertising is immediate and intrusive – you do not have to wait for a potential customer to stumble upon your ad.

10. Cable advertising fills the gaps.

Only television has the power to hypnotically grab the attention of the viewer. Cable enhances and magnifies all of your existing advertising. Because it has high reach and rivets the viewer's attention, cable is an excellent "glue" to tie all of your promotional efforts into a powerful, unified, whole.

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