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FTTH Construction and Installation Progress


FTTH Install Progress Chart

FTTH Construction Progress, What to Expect and How You Can Help

Update 10/9/2020 - Our Fiber to the Home project is in the home stretch.  Significant field construction progress in August resulted in record installs in September (670 in one month!).

Field construction will be wrapping up by the end of October.  Splicing resources are ramping up to complete the final steps to make homes fiber ready and we're projecting all addresses released to MPW or installs by the end of November.

Customers on the all-fiber system now surpass 76%, leaving about 2,500 customers left to get converted. We are still on track for residential and business installs, including Fruitland customers, to complete in 1Q21.

Fiber Installation Map

Search your address in the map below to locate your Service Area and see the status of installations in your neighborhood. Alternatively, you can click on any sections of the map, then click on "Zoom to" and scroll up or down or drag and drop the map to the right or left to center it to the position you'd like to view in detail.

Please take note:

  • GREEN shaded areas - fiber installations are complete and Legacy internet and TV services will be shut down.  If your address is in a green area and you have not converted to fiber, you are at risk of losing service.  Please call us to schedule your fiber appointment.
  • YELLOW shaded areas - fiber installations are in progress.
  • BLUE shaded areas - area is next up for installations.

Installation Map

Want Service Now?

If the area of the map you've selected is highlighted in white, fiber installations have not currently started and you can select our Legacy (digital) services if you don't currently have service. All customers with Legacy (digital) services will later be transitioned to fiber.

Construction Map

All areas where fiber will be installed are either under construction or have completed construction.  Please refer to the Installation Map above to see how close your neighborhood is to being converted to fiber.

FTTH Construction Updates
Week of 10/26/20

Remaining Yellow service areas
(Please call if you live in any of these areas & have not scheduled your install appt)

Splicing Areas:
South service areas, then complete remaining North service areas

Splicers will be accessing yards and gates.

Drop Construction Areas:
South-015 and a few remaining drops throughout the system

Click here for more info and help we need from you for drop construction work.

Mainline Construction Areas:

Click here for more info and help we need from you for mainline construction work.