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FTTH Construction and Installation Progress


FTTH Install Progress Chart

FTTH Construction Progress, What to Expect and How You Can Help

Drop and Mainline construction is all outside construction work.  Contractors will be crossing yards as they work in utility easement areas and up to the cable box attached to your home/building.

Watch our short video explaining our process.

  • Email/phone call/text notifications will be sent when we are working in your neighborhood whether for Drop work or Mainline work.
  • We will need your help to mark privately owned/maintained underground utilities, such as sprinkler lines, gas lines to grills, pet invisible fence lines, etc. We don't want to damage your personal services or slow crews down, so your assistance is VERY much appreciated!
  • We have worked very hard to streamline construction processes and will focus on smaller areas of work and go through once and be done!

Splicing crews will follow Drop and Mainline construction crews to "light up" the new fiber lines.  Once splicing is completed, your home will be ready for its fiber install.  Install crews will then complete your fiber install -- then sit back and enjoy your new state of the art services!!

With COVID delays and rain/wet ground delays that always impact construction seasons, our goal is to have all outside construction completed this year, with home and business fiber installs completing 1Q2021.

Fiber Installation and Construction Map

Interact with our map below to see where we're at in converting homes and businesses to Fiber. This will help you determine if fiber or legacy (digital) services are available to you today. The map is updated every Monday with the latest progress information.  Please note that build-orders may be subject to change throughout this project.

Installation Map: click in the "Search by address" box to enter your street address and see the status of your home or business in the installation process. Alternatively, you can click on any sections of the map, then click on "Zoom to" and scroll up or down or drag and drop the map to the right or left to center it to the position you'd like to view in detail.

Please take note:

  • GREEN shaded areas mean fiber installations are complete. (YAY!!)
  • YELLOW shaded areas mean services are currently being converted to fiber and fiber installations are in progress.
  • BLUE shaded areas mean this area is next up for installations.

Installation Map

Want Service Now?

If the area of the map you've selected is highlighted in white, fiber installations have not currently started and you can select our Legacy (digital) services if you don't currently have service. All customers with Legacy (digital) services will later be transitioned to fiber.

Construction Map

All areas where fiber will be installed are either under construction or have completed construction.  Please refer to the Installation Map above to see how close your neighborhood is to being converted to fiber.

FTTH Construction Updates
Week of 8/3/20

Other service areas with a few remaining customers are being contacted to schedule their install.

Drop Construction Areas:

Click here for more info and help we need from you for drop construction work.

Mainline Construction Areas:
G28 to Lutheran Homes to Hickory Hills
Bloomington Lane Apts
VanAcker and L&B Trailer Courts
Grandview & Franklin

Click here for more info and help we need from you for mainline construction work.