MachLink Fiber Internet - TV - Phone

Welcome to MachLink® Fiber Communications!

We’re building a 100% fiber-optic network for you!

MP&W is taking communicatons into the future and we want to keep you in the loop. Soon, our hometown will be among the elite cites with Gigabit connectivity to every address! We'll keep the most important fiber-related information here so you can keep up-to-date.

As part of our fiber transition,  active MachLink business and residential customers will be converted to our Fiber network.

First, determine if FIBER or LEGACY is an option for you

Fiber Installation and Construction Map

Interact with our map below to see where we're at in converting homes and businesses to Fiber. This will help you determine if fiber or legacy (digital) services are available to you today. The map is updated every Monday with the latest progress information.  Please note that build-orders may be subject to change throughout this project.

Installation Map: click in the "Search by address" box to enter your street address and see the status of your home or business in the installation process. Alternatively, you can click on any sections of the map, then click on "Zoom to" and scroll up or down or drag and drop the map to the right or left to center it to the position you'd like to view in detail.

Please take note:

  • If the area of the map you've selected is highlighted yellow, services in this area are currently being converted to fiber.
  • If the area of the map you've selected is highlighted blue, this area is next up for installations.
  • If the area you've selected is highlighted in green, this area has fiber installations complete.
  • If your address IS highlighted in either yellow, blue, or green and you have not yet converted to fiber, please contact us immediately to schedule your fiber installation.

Installation Map

Want Service Now?

If the area of the map you've selected is highlighted in white, fiber installations have not currently started and you can select our Legacy (digital) services if you don't currently have service. All customers with Legacy (digital) services will later be transitioned to fiber.

Construction Map

All areas where fiber will be installed are either under construction or have completed construction.  Please refer to the Installation Map above to see how close your neighborhood is to being converted to fiber.