A Culture of Service

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Putting the Customer First

Our culture is built on customer service. It is our reason for being.

Our company exists because at three separate times in our history, the citizens demanded that that their Utility services be delivered by a local entity — Water in 1900, Electric in 1922 and Telecommunications in 1996. They expect a high level of service and we are honor-bound to provide it.

We do the right thing because we live in the community, too! 

MP&W Employee Statement of Beliefs

  • We exist to serve. In order to succeed, our internal and external customers must be more than satisfied with the service they receive from us.

  • I am responsible for safety. My actions reflect my commitment to the safety of others and myself.

  • Sharing of knowledge and resources is the core of teamwork and the Utility’s mission can only be achieved by individuals working toward it, together.

  • Every person has value, and my co-workers deserve to be treated professionally, courteously, and respectfully by me.

  • I have the flexibility to pursue and achieve team and personal goals because I know what is expected of me through clear and concise communication from my leaders.

  • I work in a culture of learning and I am allowed to make mistakes which add to the organization’s knowledge base and my personal expertise.

  • I know that if I have a problem or concern; my leaders will show interest and understanding and will respond in a timely manner.

  • Because I want to be respected, I will show respect for my leaders at all levels.

  • Advanced or additional training is not a performance reward. I know I will receive the training I need where a need has been identified.

  • I am a professional and my conduct reflects my dedication to the utility and to the teams I support.

  • As an employee of a municipal utility, I know my actions outside the workplace reflect upon the Utility’s overall image, so I am conscious of my behavior in the community.

  • Caring for the environment I work in and the equipment I use to perform my job, are my responsibility. 

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