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MP&W tours and presentations educate both children and adults about electricity, energy efficiency, safety and water.  Tours are custom-designed for groups ranging in size from approximately 12-25.  Proper identification is required for adults.  Please see the details and audience recommendations below for each type of tour.

Energy Efficiency Demonstration

MP&W understands that education leads to a better community.  Whether presenting to a group of children about water conservation or to an adult organization looking to save energy, we are pleased to offer our assistance.  We offer presentations that address your group's desire to become more water conscious and/or energy efficient.  

  • Audience - any age group
  • Length - 45-60 minutes

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Electrical Safety Demonstration

This dynamic demonstration uses a "live" model of a town to illustrate how electricity can short-circuit through objects outside its intended path. These objects include trees, ladders and people. It emphasizes safety precautions needed to avoid electrocution.

  • Audience - primarily 4th through 8th grades, can be tailored to all age groups including businesses
  • Length - 60 minutes

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Water Presentation

How safe is our water? What is the quality or our water? We explain the Muscatine Island Aquifer, water quality or production, treatment, and distribution of water.

  • Audience - any age group
  • Length - 30-60 minutes

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Power Plant Tour

School groups and community organizations are provided a first-hand look at how Muscatine's electricity is generated with a tour of the Unit 9 generating facility.  This educational tour is custom-designed for each group ranging in size from 12-25 individuals.  It emphasizes electrical safety and topics, such as, distribution of power, how we produce electrical power and how we control emissions.

  • Group size: Ranges in group size of 12-25 individuals, ages 8 through adult.  Group size depends on the number of children and age groups; adult chaperones will be required.  (Note: Due to the need to allocate resources to provide and ensure a great educational experience, individual tours cannot be accommodated.)
  • To comply with site security requirements, individuals touring the Power Plant must provide a valid form of identification.
  • Tour Length - 60-90 minutes

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