Senior Leadership Team

The MP&W Senior Leadership Team works closely with the Board of Trustees to serve the Muscatine community and ensure excellent organizational performance. We are proud to have leaders who are industry experts with proven experience in the electric, water, and communications industries.

Sal L. LoBianco

Salvatore  L. LoBianco, General Manager

Before becoming General Manager in 2009, Sal started with MP&W in 1980 as the first engineer at the Power Plant.  Sal was a project leader for the construction of Unit 9, which was commissioned in 1983. Throughout his career at MP&W, Sal held positions of Manager of Power Generation, Manager of Engineering and Construction (delivery of electricity), was the project leader for the start-up of the Communications Utility, and later Director of Power Generation and Telecommunications.  Sal is originally from Muscatine, graduated in the MHS Class of ’73, and received his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University and MBA from St. Ambrose.

Erika Cox, Director, Employee and Community Relations

Erika Cox

Erika started with MP&W in 1999 as a supervisor in human resources and today has responsibility for cultivating internal and external relations for MP&W.  She was promoted to a director in 2005 and now has responsibilities including human resources, safety and training, customer services, marketing/public relations, and energy services.  Erika is from Muscatine, graduated from L-M High School, and received her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Northern Iowa.

Gage Huston

Gage Huston, Director, Power Production & Supply

Gage started with MP&W in 2003 as an engineer at our Power Plant.  Gage was promoted to his current position in 2011 and is responsible for securing the most economical power for our customers through our local power production or securing energy from the external energy market.  His group coordinates with the system operator for our geographic area to sell excess energy we produce into the external market and import energy from the external market when needed.  Gage is originally from Durant and received both his Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and MBA from the University of Iowa.

Jerry Gowey, Director, Finance & Administrative Services

Jerry Gowey

Jerry started with MP&W in 2013 in his current role.  Jerry is responsible for the financial integrity of the Utility and many administrative services which support our operations, including accounting, IT, supply chain, and Lean.  Originally from Wayland, Iowa, he graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration-Accounting.

Brandy Olson

Brandy D. Olson, Director, Legal & Regulatory Services

Brandy started with MP&W in 2007 as a staff attorney.  She was promoted to her current position in 2009 and is responsible for providing the Utility with legal services, legislative affairs, ensuring compliance with reliability standards related to the bulk electric system, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations which impact our local operations.  Brandy is originally from Wheaton, Illinois.  She graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of Iowa and MBA from St. Ambrose University.

Tim W. Reed, Director, Utility Service Delivery

Tim Reed

Tim started with MP&W in 1996 as an engineer for electrical transmission and distribution.  Tim is responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of all our utility services (electricity, water, cable TV, and Internet) to our customers.  Prior to becoming a Director, Tim managed the Engineering & Construction Department for 13 years.  Tim is originally from Boone, Iowa; he graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering and received his MBA from the University of Iowa.