Community Involvement

Community involvement

We are the community!

Muscatine Power and Water is constantly working to add value to our community though our active involvement with area youth and charitable programs and we encourage our employees to do the same.

Saving Muscatine Citizens $6.1 million Annually

MP&W provides approximately $1.5 millon in free utility services to local municipal facilities. We install, maintain, and power Muscatine's street lighting, traffic signals, LED bridge lights, and Muscatine's "String of Pearls" - the period lighting along the Mississippi riverfront. In addition, we provide electric and water services to city and recreation areas such as City Hall, Musser Public Library, Kent-Stein Park, the Soccer Complex, and all other city parks.  Providing these services to the community helps keep property taxes lower.

In addition, Muscatine residents enjoy significantly lower utility rates when compared to state and national averages, saving our community nearly $4.7 million annually.

Supporting Area Youth

MP&W provides in-school presentations on electrical safety, energy efficiency, and water quality, and on-site power plant tours.  We support the Southeast Iowa STEM Festival and sponsor competitions such as the annual Energy Poster Contest

Environmental Stewardship

The Green Muscatine Program is an opt-in program for customers of Muscatine Power and Water. Money raised by the program supports solar and wind alternative energy initiatives.  You can view our live wind and solar data here.

MP&W is a major sponsor of Muscatine Branching Out, a local chapter of Trees Forever. Muscatine Branching Out plants trees throughout Muscatine and organizes an annual tree sale.  Trees Forever is a non-profit, Iowa-based environmental organization committed to supporting groups engaged in locally led projects that care for and plant trees. Plantings have been done in all of Iowa’s 99 counties and in over 400 communities. Trees Forever has provided over $10 million dollars in funding and assistance to local volunteers and landowners since the organization began in 1989.

Free residential energy inspections and rebates save our customers money each year and helps reduce our community's need for energy.

Project Share

Project Share is a voluntary energy assistance program designed to help less fortunate people in Muscatine pay their wintertime utility bills. You can help by adding a regular "PS" contribution to your monthly utility payment or by making a direct donation to Project Share. It's a simple way to share some warmth with those who need it.

For more information, call us at (563) 263-2631 or download the form.

Making a Difference

MP&W employees impact with our community through the Day of Caring program, by hosting blood drives, volunteering throughout the community, participating in Muscatine's July 4th Parade and the annual Muscatine Great River Days celebration, and by supporting our area’s needy citizens.

Hydration Station

Reserve now for your event!

The MP&W Hydration Station is a mobile water filling station, operated by Muscatine Power & Water (MP&W). The MP&W Hydration Station features four faucets to fill your reusable water bottle, two drinking fountains and a doggy bowl for your thirsty pooch!

Hydration Station Application