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SUN OUTAGES - Around the spring and fall equinoxes, the sun overpowers the signals from communications satellites, causing sun outages. Depending upon your viewing times and channel preferences, you may experience this between October 3rd and October 13th, 2019. There may be a degradation or interruption in your television signal. On digital channels, the picture may “tile” and freeze, or the message “please wait one moment” may display. Your picture will then slowly be restored. Thank you for your patience during this natural phenomenon!

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Want to learn more about fiber? JOIN US FOR FIBER FUN NIGHT! This open-house style event on Thursday, October 17th, gives you the opportunity to learn more about fiber, such as, helpful how-to's for using your new fiber TV service and fiber internet, gives you hands-on demos and assistance, help with downloading streaming TV apps and music apps to your devices (don't forget to bring your mobile devices/laptop/tablets!), and much more. Light refreshments will be served and you'll have a chance to pick up some MP&W swag and a chance to win a FREE gift. Come and go as you please from 4-5:30 at the MP&W auditorium (3205 Cedar St). RSVP NOW

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