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Quick Start Guide Equipment Matrix

Multi-Room DVR
Frequently asked Questions

1. What is Multi-Room DVR?
Multi-Room DVR is a networked service where one DVR box is networked to other Multi-Room capable boxes. It allows you to watch, record and delete programs on your DVR from any of the rooms with the networked boxes.
2. What is the maximum number of TV’s that share on DVR?
Up to 4 TV’s can be networked with our Multi-Room DVR service.
3. What do I need for Multi-Room DVR?
One qualifying Multi-Room capable DVR box and at least 1 other Multi-Room capable box is required.
4. Can I have more than one HD/DVR in my Multi-Room DVR set up?
Yes! Currently our system allows two HD/DVR boxes per Multi-Room DVR network.
5. How many different recorded shows can my family watch at the same time?
You can record 2 shows per DVR box while watching recorded programs on up to 3 networked TV’s.
6. How do I start watching a recording in one room and finishes in another?
The powerful new bookmarking capability allows you to resume watching a program in another room without missing anything in between. Note: This feature is only available when moving from client box to client box.
7. How many programs can the DVR record at the same time?
You can record 2 shows at the same time per DVR box in your home.
8. How do I know what kind of box(es) I have and if it/they will work with the Multi-Room DVR service?
The black DVR box (DCX3400 or DCX3500) along with the small HD only box is required for Multi-Room DVR service. If the model number printed on the front of the box ends with a “-M” the box is Multi-Room capable.
9. Is there a fee for Multi-Room DVR service?
Yes, there is a $2.99 per month for Multi-Room DVR service.
10. Is there a charge for setting up Multi-Room DVR service in my home?
To ensure network functionality, all Multi-Room networks must be installed by an MPW Digital TV Technician. At that time an on-site evaluation will be performed to ensure proper cabling is present and to determine the layout of your network. A one-time $9.95 installation fee is charged to set up a Multi-Room DVR network.
11. How do I record programs from another TV other than the one connected to my HD/DVR box?
The following remote control steps are required to setup a remote DVR recording: Menu>DVR>OK>Menu>Schedule a new Recording
12. How do I delete a program from a TV other than the one connected to my HD/DVR box?
Menu>DVR>OK>Menu>Delete Recording
13. Can I move my HD/DVR and other Multi-room capable boxes to other TV’s once Multi-Room DVR has been installed?
To ensure network functionality is maintained, all Multi-Room network modifications should only be performed by an MPW Digital TV Technician.
14. Can I use my TiVo box with MPW Digital TV’s Multi-Room DVR service?
At this time, TiVo boxes are not supported in Multi-Room DVR service.
15. How do I pause a live or recorded program in one room then resume it in another?
Non-DVR box (starting) – Menu>DVR>OK>Menu>Pause Live TV Non-DVR box(resume) – Menu>DVR>*Highlight paused program>OK>Play>OK>Resume from follow-me bookmark
15. How many hours of recording can I expect to get out of my DVR(s)?

The following table shows the number of estimated recording hours you will receive with our current DVR boxes. Please contact customer service at (563) 263-2631 to determine which device you are currently using.

Model Drive Size* Estimated Recording Hours
Standard Digital Channels HDTV Channels
DCT6412 120GB 25 to 50 8 to 12
DCH6416 160GB 55 to 100 14 to 21
DCX3400 250GB 80 to 150 20 to 30
DCX3501 500GB 160 to 300 40 to 60

*These capacities are based on recording digital MPEG-2 video. A recording of a video program that is broadcast in digital MPEG-4 format requires approximately half the disk space.